The Power of Camels Milk How it Helps Diabetes and Autoimmune Conditions

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For individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes and autoimmune disorders, finding effective ways to manage symptoms is critical. While there are many medical treatments available to treat these illnesses, making dietary changes may also yield positive results in some patients. One such dietary change to consider is swapping out regular cow’s milk for camel’s milk.

Camel’s Milk for Diabetes

People with diabetes must be mindful of their dietary choices so as to manage blood sugar levels. While milk is a staple item in many individuals’ diets, it is notoriously high in fat and can cause blood sugar to rise. Camel milk, on the other hand, doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar, and could in fact help reduce the amount of insulin needed to control diabetes because it is a rich, natural source of the hormone.

According to a recently published study, the milk has been shown to be a suitable hypoglycemic agent in patients with diabetes. Further research shows camel milk is beneficial for people with diabetes, and consuming it resulted in improved blood sugar levels and a 30% reduction in required doses of insulin among the majority of study participants. Here’s another interesting find: areas where camel milk is consumed regularly experience lower rates of diabetes, suggesting that consuming it could even aid in prevention efforts.

Camel’s Milk for Autoimmune Conditions

Individuals with autoimmune conditions, which cause the immune system to attack healthy cells, might also benefit from incorporating the beverage into their diets. Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis are just a few examples of these types of conditions.

Camel’s milk has a high concentration of immunoglobulins, which help to boost the body’s immune system. Though similar to the immunoglobulins in humans, the ones found in the milk are smaller and are therefore absorbed more easily by the body. Since the immune system in individuals with an autoimmune disorder is compromised, consuming these immunoglobulins may aid in alleviating the severity of their conditions. Some researchers even attribute these unique properties to reversing allergies because of their immune-boosting benefits. While the verdict is still out on whether its powers can alleviate allergies for good, at the very least, camel’s milk is a suitable dairy alternative for those who are allergic to cow’s milk.

Where Can You Purchase Camel’s Milk?

If you’re interested in finding out whether camel’s milk could provide health benefits for you or a family member, you unfortunately won’t be able to find it in most grocery stores just yet. While some health food retailers (such as Whole Foods) do carry it, for now, it seems the simplest way to purchase the drink is online, but always be sure to research online retailers before making a purchase.

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