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Another year has past and Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month is upon us once again. Every month we treat new patients that have been diagnosed with this disease and while it has been a pleasure for us to do so – it is something we wish we did not have to do. While we are seeing significant progress in our patients, the work of the MS and stem cell communities is far from finished. Let this month not only remind us of Multiple Sclerosis and its effects on friends and loved ones but also on treatments, research, and continuing efforts being used to eradicate its existence.

Over 2 million people in the world have officially heard the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but researchers expect the actual number is far more and growing quickly. MS is considered a difficult disease to diagnose and treat due to the variety of symptoms a patient experiences throughout its progression. MS research has resulted in two treatment methods; the first method is preventing the abnormal response of one’s immune system. The second method involves the replenishment of the myelin sheath cells protecting the nerve fibers in your brain. Medications designed today follow the first method in delaying the abnormal immune response. Traditionally, there was a lack of treatment options for the second method. However, with new research and technology, Stemedix, and physicians of regenerative medicine have produced a treatment to assist in replacing the cells damaged by this disease.

Adult stem cell therapy, also known as Adipose-Derived Stem Cell (ADSC) treatment, is a regenerative procedure designed to use your own supply of stem cells to repair and replace diseased tissue in the body. Past treatments have shown that adult stem cells not only have the potential to regenerate lost or damaged myelin sheath tissues, but also have the ability to modulate the immune system, temporarily disabling the abnormal attack and helping to slow its progress.

The physicians and researchers at Stemedix are revolutionizing this treatment to offer relief and continued hope to patients battling with this life altering diagnosis. This procedure includes the harvesting hundreds of millions of stem cells from their most abundant source, the patients adipose (fat) tissue, activating them through an enrichment process, and reintroducing them into the human body. These stem cells are hardwired to target areas of the body following inflammatory signals from your brain telling them where repair is needed most. The newly introduced adult stem cells follow your body’s signals and and begin the necessary repairs. This advancement in using adult stem cell therapy assists the body to regenerate missing or diseased tissue that would not ordinarily be regrown.

This month help us spread the word and assist others in fighting back against this debilitating condition.