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New Study Shows Adipose Derived Stem Cells Reversing Negative Effects of Parkinson’s Disease

Earlier this year, a group of scientists led by Yoo-Hun Suh at the Seoul National University Medical College published their work demonstrating the potential use of human adipose-derived stem cells (hASC‘s) in Parkinson’s therapy. Their article, Therapeutic potentials of human adipose-derived stem cells on the mouse model of Parkinson’s disease, was published in the academic…

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Doctors Using Adipose Stem Cells for Brain Injury

In their article, Neurogenic differentiation of murine and human adipose-derived stromal cells, Kristine Safford and colleagues provide evidence for a new candidate for brain therapies. Much of our body’s tissue is able to regenerate to repair itself following injury. However, brain tissue, or neural tissue, does not have this capacity. It has therefore been a…

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Mice with MS

Mice with MS Symptoms Walk Again

More research coming from the University of Utah Health Sciences department shows tremendous improvements in mice treated with human adult stem cells. The report (full article here) shows that mice with a condition very similar to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) were not only able to walk again but able to run within 14 days of treatment…

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