intrathecal injection using stem cells

The administration of cells when dealing with any type of stem cell therapy can be one of the most important aspects to a successful treatment. When targeting specific tissues, direct injections are necessary in order to ensure the cells remain in a particular area of the body. An example of this is seen in our newest method of reintroduction, intrathecal injection. An intrathecal injection is a method of inserting a substance into the spinal cord so that it reaches the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This clear fluid can be found within the spine and brain flowing continuously through each of these parts of the vertebral column and skull. This route of administration is widely used within the anesthetic, chemotherapy, and pain management fields of medicine and has been routinely practiced for many years.

  • Cells can easily bypass the blood brain barrier.
  • Encourages the homing of cells within the spinal and cranial space
  • Procedure is virtually pain-free

When utilizing this technique, our physician staff targets the tissues of the brain, spinal cord and vertebral columns specifically. Offering a specialized procedure is essential to the success of any stem cell therapy and can be the difference between an ordinary treatment and a unique and personalized one. A licensed back specialist on our team performs this minimally invasive procedure in conjunction with our basic intravascular (IV) cell therapies while under the supervision of the physician performing the stem cell treatment.

intrathecal stem cell injection

When the procedure begins, the patients is generally lying flat or on their side, allowing for the entire back to be exposed. Once the patient is comfortable, the lumbar area, or lower back, is disinfected and numbed using local anesthesia. This method of injection is usually pain-free and the patient is awake and responsive throughout the entire process. The specialist introduces the adipose or placental derived cells using a long, thin needle into the fluid-filled intrathecal space. Once the cells are inserted into this area of the spine itself, they will absorb within the spinal cord. By injecting these cells in this manner, research suggests the cells have a better chance of reaching the tissue of brain. In many neurodegenerative conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Post Stroke Syndrome, and Traumatic Brain Injury, targeting those damaged tissues of the brain are important.

When determining which stem cell treatment is best geared for you and your particular condition, deep consideration of the method of injections is crucial to the success of any method chosen. This is why we believe the use of the intrathecal injection provides a more powerful and specified approach when customizing a treatment plan for many of the conditions responding to stem cell therapy today. This type of injection has been used throughout medicine when dealing with the spine and brain for many years and is now being used in the targeted administration of stem cells here at Stemedix.