Tips for Healthy Living with COPD

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Managing with a condition like COPD can be quite troublesome, but some practical steps can be taken to cope with it in a better way and even making some small changes can help a great deal.

Everyday Health offers some basic tips that you can use to make COPD management easier.

No Smoking

With a lung disease like COPD, quitting smoking is the best way to avoid the worsening of the symptoms. Quitting smoking may not cure the disease, but it will certainly aid in breathing easier and improve the overall health of the lungs and body.

Breathing Exercises

Signing up for a pulmonary rehabilitation program can help with COPD. This program can help you catch the breath when you struggle with breathing and will help teach the most effective ways to inhale, sit and stand to get the control of your breathing at times of struggle.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy can improve lung function. If you find yourself not sure where to start, you can talk to your doctor to recommend a well rounded and nutritious diet that can aid in managing with the growing symptoms.

Stay Active

An important thing that helps in COPD treatment is to remain physically active. Exercising regularly four to five days a week helps in keeping the body active and healthy. Exercise also helps strengthen muscles and improve the functioning of the lungs which then can help in breathing.

Sleep Well

One can feel fatigued due to the lack of oxygen intake because of their struggle with breathing. Getting a good night’s sleep helps people with COPD maintain a healthy weight, better immunity against infections, avoid cardiovascular problems and improve the mood.

Look for Support from Family and Friends

Having COPD makes it difficult to carry out the daily activities so never hesitate to ask for support from your friends and family, especially if you are getting treated with oxygen therapy. Carrying a portable oxygen tank can be a little challenging in public, so having a friend or family member by your side can help.

Avoid Lung Irritation

Getting sick with a flu or cold can worsen the symptoms of COPD. Attack of common respiratory infections like coughing and congestion can become very serious when you have this condition so make sure to be very careful in avoiding contact with sick people and to stay away from germs. Also breathing in harsh chemicals and smoke can also irritate the lungs and worsen the condition.

Work with Your Doctor

Another important factor is to stay in constant contact with your doctor and keep discussing any visible changes in your health so the symptoms can be kept under control. The doctor can help prescribe the best medications, diet and exercise programs and pulmonary rehabilitation so you can easily manage the symptoms and enjoy an active and healthy life.

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