Tips for Diabetes Prevention

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Changing one’s lifestyle can be a major step towards the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. If you have a family history of diabetes or are overweight, it is crucially important for you to make it a priority to prevent yourself from the increased risk of the disease.

In fact, diabetes prevention is as easy and simple as just maintaining a healthy diet, losing some weight, or being active physically. Making these changes can help avoid serious complications like kidney, heart and nerve damage.

When it comes to Type 2 Diabetes, great news is that almost 90% cases could be avoided by taking the simple steps given below.

Increase Fiber Intake

Include fiber rich foods in your diet by eating fruits, beans, vegetables and whole grains. This will reduce your blood sugar levels and decrease the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and also promote weight loss as fiber rich foods can make you feel full and eat less.

Get Physically Active

Regular exercise and physical activity will help you lose weight, boost the sensitivity to insulin and lower the blood sugar levels. Research also shows that aerobic exercises can help control diabetes, especially when undertaken regularly to have continued benefits.

Lose Excess Weight

Each and every single pound you shed can lead to an improved health if you have diabetes. A research study proved that participants who lost a great deal of weight by regular exercise reduced the chances of getting diabetes by 44%.

Cut Down Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are highly associated with a risk of diabetes because of high glycemic levels. Research also proved that people who consumed more than one sugary beverage daily had 83% higher chance of developing diabetes.

Quit sugary drinks by replacing them with water, tea or coffee. Coffee is also known to help prevent diabetes as well as a cup of tea.

Include Good Fats in your Diet

The type of fat you consume also affects the development of the condition. Polyunsaturated fats, usually found in nuts, vegetable oils and seeds are known to be good fats and are known to ward off the disease. However, eating the same polyunsaturated fats from fish called the omega-3 fats may be very healthy for heart conditions but do not prevent against diabetes.

On the other hand, bad fats namely Trans fats found in margarine, baked and fried foods do the opposite.

Quit Smoking

Many people with Type 2 Diabetes are found to be smokers. It is estimated that almost 50% of smokers are more likely to develop the disease while heavier smokers are even at a higher risk.

Avoid Red or Processed Meat

Avoid processed or red meat and instead, use nuts, poultry, whole grains, or fish. More evidence is showing that the risk of diabetes is increased with the consumption of red meat.

Research has found that consuming red meat may increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 19%.

When to See a Doctor

A glucose screening is usually recommended if you are:

  • Older than 45 years of age and overweight
  • Younger than 45 but overweight with a risk factor of Type 2 Diabetes

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