Mice with MS

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More research coming from the University of Utah Health Sciences department shows tremendous improvements in mice treated with human adult stem cells. The report (full article here) shows that mice with a condition very similar to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) were not only able to walk again but able to run within 14 days of treatment and 6 months later showed no signs of regression.

“Results from the study demonstrate the mice experience at least a partial reversal of symptoms. Immune attacks are blunted, and the damaged myelin is repaired, explaining their dramatic recovery.”

“We want to try to move as quickly and carefully as possible,” Lane continued. “I would love to see something that could promote repair and ease the burden that patients with MS have.”

So far this news seems to be in lockstep with current Stemedix adult stem cell treatment of human patients that are reporting similar levels of progress and symptom loss. With every treatment we are continuing to monitor the progress, collect appropriate data from our patients, as well as fine tune our process accordingly so that they get the largest possible benefit from our stem cell treatment.

“I think we all can agree this is exciting news for stem cell research but much more so for the patients with degenerative diseases that Stemedix treats every day.” said Erik Consorsha, a Stemedix representative who continued, “Its very encouraging to have university level scientific researchers seeing the same results we are.”

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