Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea

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Tea and coffee are one of the most consumed beverages all over the globe, apart from being the most enjoyed drinks both of them have various health benefits as well.


Coffee beans are found growing on flowering trees in more than 50 countries worldwide, to prepare the beans for consumption they are roasted and then ground, boiled, steamed and even soaked depending on how they are usually liked in various parts of the world.


Known to be the most common beverage, tea is made from the leaves of a bush named Camellia sinensis. Tea is prepared by leaving the leaves in boiling hot water for a while, typically few minutes and then taken hot or cold with ice depending on the preference of the individual.


Tea leaves are crushed and dried to extract oils from them, after that they are exposed to open air depending on what kind of tea is being produced. The more they are exposed to air the more amount of caffeine they have. This whole process is called fermentation that is responsible for changing the color of tea and affecting the flavor.

So, green tea contains leaves that are not fermented, the reason why it has no caffeine. Oolong tea has a little amount of caffeine and black tea the darkest of all has the highest amount of caffeine and the most fermented.

Free Radicals: Free radicals are chemicals that cause damage to cells leading to various diseases, they are produced in the body when food is converted to energy or sunlight is being absorbed by the body. Since tea and coffee are quite rich in antioxidants they help the body fight against the free radicals.

Type 2 Diabetes: Both coffee and tea contain a rich amount of antioxidants that help maintain low sugar levels in the body by helping the body process sugar easily. This leads to a lower chance of getting diabetes since it is caused by abnormal sugar levels in the blood. A study of 220 normal subjects and 48 diabetic subjects resulted to show how the fasting blood glucose was lower in normal and diabetic subjects who consumed coffee.

Parkinson’s Disease: A serious neurodegenerative disease that affects the neurons in the brain, leads to the impaired movement of the body. Studies show that coffee and tea ease the symptoms of this disease and drinking these beverages daily can protect the body from it in the first place.

Heart Disease: A recent study showed that people who consumed 3 to 5 cups of coffee on a daily basis had a less chance of having a buildup of calcium in the blood vessels responsible for transporting blood to the heart. This obviously means a less chance of heart disease.

Liver Disease: Daily intake of 3 or more cups of coffee lowers the chances of suffering from a chronic liver disease, liver cancer, and cirrhosis. Coffee is said to contain 100 different types of chemicals in it and the recent studies are geared towards learning what the function of each compound could be and how it can help with liver issues.

Stroke: Stroke is a condition when a certain part of the brain stops getting a blood supply. Daily intake of a cup of tea or coffee lowers the chances of a stroke because they help reduce inflammation and reduce the sugar levels in the blood. Black tea is especially linked to maintaining a low blood pressure making it less likely for a person to have a stroke.

Cancer: The presence of antioxidants called polyphenols in green tea and coffee help prevent cancers that affect the ovaries and stomach, also known to be highly beneficial to avoid breast and prostate cancers.

Alzheimer’s Disease: A condition that attacks the neurons of the brain, this can lead to a memory loss and serious changes in behavior. Studies show that the antioxidants present in coffee can protect neurons and green tea helps prevent the formation of clusters or proteins in the brain that lead to the development of this disease.

Gallstones: Gallstones are small pieces of hardened cholesterol that are formed in the organ called gallbladder, an organ that helps with digestion. This condition can cause excruciating pain and serious health issues. Coffee is said to lower the chances of stone formation because it aids in moving the fluid through the gallbladder making the cholesterol less likely to harden.

Weight Loss: Intake of low sugar beverages like tea and coffee instead of others makes it easier to lose weight. These drinks are satisfying with a very low-calorie content.

Don’t Overdo It: Regardless of the numerous health benefits of tea and coffee, intake of too much coffee and tea can cause anxiety and also make it difficult to sleep, too much consumption can also lead to calcium deficiency. Consult with a doctor regarding how much is sufficient for you.

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