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As a patient, you may have been told that there wasn’t much to do for your chronic illness or pain. While some treatments can help to hold off the major symptoms, there wasn’t much hope for recovery. With stem cell therapy, though, all of that changes. Stem cells allow for the treatments of symptoms on a level that is unmatched by traditional therapies. In fact, stem cells have many benefits to recommend them as a way to treat previously untreatable conditions.

Ethical Treatment

First, stem cell therapy is an ethical treatment. At Stemedix, we harvest the stem cells from the fat stores over your stomach or buttocks. None of the stem cells we use in treatment are taken from fetuses or any other unethical practice. This means that stems cells can be pursued without the worry of the ethics behind it, and it is much safer than using the cells harvested from other methods, including bone marrow.

Autologous Transplantation

Second, the transplantation is autologous. This means that the cells that are transplanted are your own cells. Your body is much less likely to reject these cells and cause a systemic reaction. The ability to replace your own cells after processing means that you will not have a rejection response, and this means you will have fewer concerns over the transplantation. One of the problems with stem cells from other sources is the immune system rejection and destruction of the tissue, but with our process, you will not have this problem.

Simple and Convenient

When compared to other methods, the mini liposuction and autologous transplantation are simple and convenient. In the past, cord blood was needed, and this meant that the sample had to be banked at birth for stem cells to be available. Then, a painful procedure to remove stem cells from the bone marrow in the pelvis was the accepted way to transplant stem cells. With the mini liposuction, the procedure is the same day and painless.

Treats Difficult Conditions

Another important benefit of stem cell transplantation is that it is a viable therapy for difficult conditions. For instance, the current gold standard treatment for ALS merely helps to support the symptoms, not pose a cure. Stem cells, on the other hand, can go a long way toward reversing the effects of chronic, difficult to treat conditions. Although they do not pose a cure for any of these conditions, they actually help to reverse symptoms far more than traditional medical treatment. For conditions deemed untreatable, stem cell transplantation offers hope.

Positive Research Emerging

Stem cells are an emerging treatment, and studies into their efficacy have not yet been conducted. However, preliminary studies into the effectiveness of this treatment have shown promise. Of course, no large, double blind, peer reviewed study has been conducted, but the smaller studies have shown that stem cells can help with chronic problems. As the treatment becomes more mainstream, larger studies will be conducted. These studies will then show how beneficial stem cell transplantation is to the treatment of chronic conditions and help to bring the treatment out of the shadows.

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