Can CBD Oil Combat Arthritis Pain

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CBD oil has been appearing everywhere we look recently, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon. Known officially as cannabidiol, the compound is found in the marijuana plant and has been associated with a broad range of claims to boost health. Indeed, everything from promoting heart wellness to reducing acne has been credited to CBD oil — but is there really any evidence to back up these claims? While further research needs to be done to support many of these positions, one area that shows promise is CBD’s ability to relieve arthritis pain.

Arthritis: Common Yet Challenging

More than 54 million adults have been diagnosed with at least one type of arthritis, but it’s possible that there are many individuals living with the condition. Despite the fact that it’s very common, there is still no cure for arthritis, and it can be notoriously difficult to treat. Although medications are available for controlling symptoms, many have their own host of side effects. And, the pain caused by this joint condition can range from mildly uncomfortable to debilitating.

Where CBD Oil Comes In

CBD oil has the powerful ability to stimulate brain activity by interacting with cannabinoid receptor types 1 and 2, which are involved with the immune system, to decrease the effects of pain and inflammation. Yet, it doesn’t have the same psychoactive effects as marijuana and is thus considered a worthwhile alternative for arthritis patients seeking a natural solution without side effects for managing pain. The World Health Organization reports that CBD exhibits no indication of the potential for abuse or dependence and that there is no evidence of health-related issues resulting from pure CBD. But has it been proven effective for treating arthritis pain?

The research seems to say yes. In a study from the European Journal of Pain, topical CBD oil showed reduced inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. Research has also confirmed that CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain, both of which are especially difficult to treat. In individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, controlled trials have shown that cannabis-medications can significantly improve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve quality of sleep.

If you’re experiencing chronic pain from arthritis, CBD could be the key to enjoying more pain-free days. Of course, quality is important to ensure optimal results, please visit our website to see available Charlotte’s Web products.


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