Stanley's Voice - RRMS Post-Treatment Update

Just three months after receiving treatment, Stanley and his wife Jane sit down and talk with us about the positive changes stem cell therapy has made in their day-to-day life.

Diana S. (PRMS) Post-Treatment Update

Hear Diana's story, update, and why she uses Stemedix stem cell therapy to fight back against her Progressive Remissive Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Thomas R. (RRMS) Post-Treatment Update

Thomas and his wife Paige from Colorado are back to give us an update on what life has been like after receiving stem cell therapy. View thier original interview here.

Jeffrey R. (PPMS) Post-Treatment Update

Jeffrey and family sit down with Stemedix and talk about Jeffery's struggle with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and give us an update on how life has changed after receiving Stemedix stem cell therapy.

Norman K. (Parkinsons) Post-Treatment Update

Less than one year after treatment we meet back up with Norman and his wife Joyce to talk about the impact Stemedix stem cell therapy has had on Norman's life and his family.

Dr. Malini S. - Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS)

Dr. Malini S. a retired infectious disease physician with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis talks to us about her experience with Stemedix and results she is feeling only one day post treatment.

Thomas R. - Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS)

Thomas R. and his wife from Colorado speaks with Stemedix about Thomas's diagnosis and his pursuit of wellness using stem cell therapy.

Debra F. - Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS)

Debra F. a sufferer of Relapsing Remitting MS for over 10 years talks with us about her treatment experience and thoughts on stem cell therapy.

Norman K. - Parkinson's Disease

Norman K. and his wife Joyce speak with us the day after treatment about coming to Stemedix for ADSC treatment of Norman's Parkinson's disease.

Patient Experience 1

Several patients and their family members sit down with us the day after treatment and talk about their stem cell treatment experience with Stemedix.